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Conversations with Winchester

Hear audio clips from the people of Winchester, or follow a virtual walk around the city. 

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Handbook Part 1

We believe that any resident of Winchester is an expert on Winchester. You have clear and considered ideas about how to improve the city, new directions the city could move in and ways to make the city more liveable and future proof. We want to invite you to participate in the writing of the Winchester Vision 2020-2030.

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Handbook Part 2

If you are a resident of Winchester can you spare 30 minutes to take a virtual walk around your local area? You will need access to an online video call platform and Google maps to take part in this activity.

We would like to meet residents from all communities and neighbourhoods of the City.

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Handbook Part 3

A memory, an artefact or an idea for the future of the city, share your views about Winchester and what you want to see for the next ten years.

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