Winchester through the eyes of a toddler

Local Winchester resident Penny Lawrence got in touch with us recently to share a short film she had created with a young family.

Seeing the city through the eyes of a toddler is something we don’t often get the chance to appreciate. Join EM* as she experiences a walk from Romsey Road to Nursery Gardens…

The path is an important thoroughfare for access to the hospital, university, station, schools and nurseries including West Downs Nursery.

EM’s parents say:

What appeals to EM most is being free outside, picking things up and looking at things. When she found the little seeds, touching the bench with the water on, wildflowers that were taller than her, touching the wildflowers, that she could experience different textures. She is her own boss when she is outside, like when she stopped at that tree.

What appeals to EM’s parents is to let her have that freedom without having to worry. To feel comfortable that EM wasn’t going to run off anywhere, but be close enough to her. There was not instant danger.

Maybe other families would like to share some of their experiences when children, the youngest ones, (under 3) walk in Winchester?

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*The family has consented for the videos to be on the One Great Win website. They are not named in the videos so their identities remain confidential. Music ‘Buddy’ composed by Benjamin Tissot (also known as Bensound).



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