Week 2: Home Working Group

Each week we are asking one member from each Working Group to share what they discussed at each meeting and plan to do for the next session. Here is the second Home Working Group overview:

For our second meeting we looked at the idea of 20 minute neighbourhoods in the city. Can you guess where this is?

I was born and raised there.

This area is relatively quiet with a few green spaces. There is a footpath between the two areas so that you can walk from xxxxx rd to xxxxx rd. This was deliberately left when xxxxx was built in the ’60’s on the old Farm.

Some of the housing in both areas was built around grassy areas/ cul de sacs although there is a main road through. 

The bus service into town is every 12 mins during the day with half hourly/ hourly services up to nearly midnight

There are plentiful shops… much more than in town. Three supermarkets about 10 min walk away next to the doctors surgery and chemist. There is also an Indian, Chinese, Pizza place and chippie along with a bookies, charity shop ,Costa, post office and podiatrist. Minus point… steep uphill walk afterwards but there is a good bus service!

There is also a parade of shops next to the pub and a Tesco, Indian and Chinese takeaway, chippie and a bakery. There is also a weekly fresh vegetable stall and a family owned garage/ petrol station.

The biggest rarity in Winchester though has got to be the free car park! It is used a lot by people from local villages who drive there, park and get bus into town.

All in all, if you live up here there is really very little need to go into town for anything except perhaps for banking, Primark and Poundland and other establishments that are only there. 

I’m so glad I moved here 6 years ago from the city centre, where I and previous generations of my family have lived.

Have you guessed where this is? Type your answer in the comments below!

Share your views on what you might like to see for Winchester in the comments box below and stay tuned for the next update from the Home Working Group next week! Don’t forget you can also join the conversation on social media, you can find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram


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