Week 1: Movement Working Group

Movement Working Group Winchester
Each week we are asking one member from each Working Group to share what they discussed at each meeting and plan to do for the next session. 
Here is the first Movement Group overview:

The Movement working group met for the first time today comprising professionals, business owners, activists, and senior citizens all of whom live and work in Winchester and were committed to seeing “something happen”. The group spanned all modes of travel and most of us used all modes, pedestrian, public transport, private cars and bikes.

Our first step was a “mind map for our initial thoughts and to identify four broad areas of interest and action:

  • Safe Enjoyment of the City,
  • Embracing all Modes of travel including motorists (yes, even motorists!),
  • Inclusivity for all ages and mobilities 
  • Greening the city through sustainability and fairness.

The group was very clear it was seeking to minimise conflict by listening to the interests of others rather than simply promoting our own interests.

We spent some time mapping the challenges we saw in an ancient city where major infrastructure engineering was limited. We identified two main areas: arterial or radial routes into the city, which are currently the domain of motorised vehicles, and safe and easy cross city travel, for those living in Winchester wanting to access the different wards or districts.

It was clear that understanding why people move is important especially as the events of the last six months will probably have a long-term impact on commercial and worker movements.

A lot of thought was given to those who remain active but no longer choose to or an unable to drive or cycle. Several the group use the city buses and were anxious to point out that they are an integrated part of their social interaction. The need for frequency of public transport was a common theme.

There was a sense that maintaining a vibrant city centre was important whilst extending safe and easy access for pedestrian and cycles. There was also comment around the business and commercial need for movement of workers and getting customers into and out of the city centre.

It was clear that the group was consensus driven and willing to listen.

Share your views on what you might like to see for Winchester in the comments box below. You can read what the group discussed in Week 2 here.

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  1. Karen Baker

    There are definitely challenges faced in working with the road structure of an historic city but there are opportunities too with wide avenues such as Chilbolton which could easily accommodate cycle lanes. This would facilitate safe commuting by bike from Weeke/Harestock to Kings’ and the hospital and university on Romsey Road.


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