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One Great Win is a new project that is engaging the people of Winchester in order to create a 2020–2030 Vision for the city. Officially launched in March 2020, the vision project has been commissioned by Winchester Town Forum in partnership with Winchester City Council and is being delivered by us, a creative place making team assembled by Boyle + Summers, an established master planning and architectural firm based in Southampton.

We are keen to gather the views of everyone across the city, especially those who might not usually engage in initiatives of this nature. Working with previous public research findings we are also incorporating new approaches to include more voices of underrepresented communities, as well as continuing conversations on vital issues like the climate emergency. Chairperson of Winchester Town Forum Kathleen Becker agrees,

There has been a lot of consultation in recent years but much of it focused on the city centre and very little about where people live. We want to hear different views too. From the neighbourhoods, new residents, younger families, everyone.”

The project has also fallen at a significant moment in the history of Winchester as it navigates the global pandemic crisis. With this in mind, we have created a variety of accessible ways you can share their views for the future of Winchester, such as the online poll, take a virtual walk across your favourite part of the city with us, or simply have one to one phone interview with one of our experienced project team members. Later in the project, small mixed groups will work together on ways to implement the Vision – are you interested in joining this part of the project? Find out more here.

Richard Summers, our project lead for One Great Win says

“Whilst this project is not defined by the pandemic per se, it started at a time when normal life and business had been paused. This gave us all a unique opportunity to stop and think differently, considering that a Vision should be less about ‘What’ projects do and more about ‘How’ to deliver them. This process will take stock of what is already known about Winchester and respond to the many voices we have listened to and will continue to do so throughout the consultation process.”

The findings of this research will directly inform the next Planning Policy Framework for Winchester as well as policy and delivery in other departments. The updated Local Plan will act on the Vision, looking specifically at how we approach development in Winchester in light of broader, global issues such as the climate emergency.

Share your views on how the future of Winchester can be shaped over the next 10 years. Contact us via the contact box below or talk to us on social media too! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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