Open Invitation: Join a working group

We want to invite you to participate in the writing of the Winchester Vision 2020-2030.

Since March 2020, we have spoken to many Winchester residents and they have all suggested imaginative, creative, and insightful ideas about how to develop the city. From the post-Covid high street to an augmented reality living museum in the city centre, to ideas about housing, transport, and travel.

Working Group Themes

We have been listening carefully to residents and have now developed several Working Groups that take those ideas and map a coherent matrix of themed responses. These are:

LIFETIMES - opportunities, engagement, and retention

Can Winchester be a sustainable city where all its citizens can grow, train, remain and flourish? What ideas do you have for overcoming obstacles and creating opportunities for all in the city? 

HOME - living, affordability and the city centre

How interested are you in achieving affordability for housing, business, and the city centre?

ECOLOGY - buildings, landscape, and roots

The historical buildings in Winchester can be considered part of the ‘ecology of the city’. The ancient street patterns have shaped the city as much as the river and surrounding landscape. How interested are you in what and who shapes the future fabric of the city?

CULTURE - arts, creativity, and place

How interested are you in making contemporary culture visible and accessible in Winchester? 

MOVEMENT - well-being and active travel

Transport is a means of getting to and from places, but choices on how to travel significantly impact the wider environment and our individual physical and mental health. How interested are you in well-being and active travel for the future of Winchester city? 

Now is the time for action!

We know the best way to focus our research is to further involve the wider Winchester community. We will publish a series of handbooks aimed at inspiring ideas and approaches; they contain local, national, and international examples of best practice – cities that have solved problems in innovative and interesting ways that can inspire the Winchester Vision. There will be a dedicated hand book for each of the groups – Lifetimes, Home, Ecology, Culture and Movement.


We understand everyone is busy and stretched for time so we have developed several ways that ensure you will have a voice in the city’s future:

Join a Working Group

Participation in one of our new Working Groups is open to all. We are looking for 10 people per group and require a commitment of approx. 4 x 3 hour sessions throughout September 2020. We are looking for committed individuals who are really engaged in one of our five subject areas. This might relate to your job or area of expertise or equally it maybe a hobby or something you care passionately about and to commit time and energy throughout September. 

To take part please send an email outlining your interest, your background, where you live and your experience of this subject. We will then meet via video call for an initial conversation.

Email Us

Engage with a Working Group

If you feel very strongly about a subject, want to get involved but do not have the time to join a group, you can still contribute. Throughout September, our team will be hosting a series of open discussions (either in person or by video call) for those who have read the handbooks and have ideas they want to contribute. Each discussion will be an hour long and will be bookable online. We will record and transcribe these interviews and include them in our work.

Email Us

Keep sharing ideas

If you want to engage but simply do not have time, then please read through one or more of the handbooks, and continue to contribute ideas through our online channels. You can find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.