A new place for teens in Winchester

Over the last four months, our team member Jennie has been interviewing Winchester residents about life in the city. Some of those interviews appear on the Virtual Walks Map, that you can view here.
A few weeks ago, Jennie was lucky enough to interview two people who took the time to tell her about what it is like to be a teenage girl in Winchester. This conversation provided Jennie with some real insights into growing up in the city and into the world of teenage girls in Winchester:
I found this conversation quite inspiring and it struck me that this is a group of people often overlooked in design. Unlike bored teenage boys they aren’t seen as a ‘problem’ and therefore there is no rush to create spaces (such as skate parks or BMX tracks) which although open to all can feel like they exclude teenage girls or that girls who go there need to conform to certain stereotypes.

This led to wondering if spaces aren’t being designed for ‘girls’ what happens as girls become women, how do they feel about the spaces they occupy and their ‘value’ in the city?

The outcome of this interview is a fantastic piece of design work by the interviewees who agreed to turn their conversation into reality by designing some spaces they would like to occupy in the city:

Are you a teenager living in Winchester? Help us shape the future of your city by joining the Winchester Teenage Girl Design Group! Find out more here.

You can also join the conversation on social media. You can find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



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