What’s your
What’s your

Reflections of life today in the light of possible tomorrows, shared by the different people who make Winchester in 2020

In times being reshaped by crisis and change, what’s the one thing about living as part of Winchester right now that you’d like to share or celebrate with your great great great grandchild?

A virus win, a community hack, a personal challenge. Or just a practical daily insight – a secret path, a special time of day, a role you play – whatever experience of the city you find meaning or hope in, we’d love to listen. One memory, detail, artefact or idea of living here that you wish more people knew as we all consider the shape of tomorrow, as people making it a place today.

Whether it’s a picture, a film, a recording or a post, share your #OneGreatWin with the hashtag.

This initiative is part of the Winchester Vision 2030 project from the Winchester Town Forum. The project aims to develop a ten year plan for the city that will help shape and influence urban development and planning decisions across Winchester.