What is your One Great Win for Winchester?

Reflections of life today in the light of possible tomorrows, shared by the different people who make Winchester in 2020.

One Great Win is engaging the people of Winchester in order to create a 2020–2030 Vision for the city. The Vision has been commissioned by Winchester Town Forum in partnership with Winchester City Council and will be delivered by us, a creative place making team assembled by Boyle & Summers.

We will listen to a diverse range of voices from across Winchester’s districts. The stories and insights we gather will be combined and considered, alongside information gleaned from previous research and consultation projects from the city and its districts. This process will take stock of what is already known about Winchester and respond to the many voices we have listened to during our own consultation process.

Since the previous Winchester Vision was last updated, there have been a number of engagement projects, research initiatives and public forums, which together have made it obvious that there is a lot of love for the city, and a lot of willingness to get involved and generate ideas. The challenge has been how to turn all those ideas, findings and voices into a practical roadmap for delivering the developments that people really want.

One Great Win has fallen at a remarkably symbolic moment in the history of Winchester and indeed the UK. A time when normal life and business has been paused, affording us a unique opportunity to stop and think differently considering not ‘What’ but ‘How’ to deliver these projects.

The findings of our research will directly inform the structure and intent of the next Planning Policy Framework of Winchester City Council. The updated local plan will move the conversation, looking specifically at how we approach development specifically in Winchester and in light of broader, global issues.

One Great Win will listen to as wide a range of voices as we can in order to capture the reality of living here, now, and focus on the issues that are key and specific to this place, so that we can picture the city and region over the next ten years, creating a document that offers a practical way forward.