What’s your

What’s the one thing about being part of Winchester today that you wish you could share with your great great great grandchild?

We are asking you to tell us; Whats Your One Great Winso that we can create a vision document that will be used to shape your city for the next ten years. We want to hear what you love about Winchester, we want to know the stories and anecdotes you share with each other and we would like to record the elements of daily life in the city, that are dear to you.

Listening to one voice allows us to gain individual perspectives, listening to many voices allows us to look for patterns, themes, collective concerns and we would like to meet people from all districts and all age groups.

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle – in talking to the many a picture starts to appear and this picture represents a collective imagination. We will take the dreams of this city and information gleaned from previous research and consultation projects to build a collective city vision for the next ten years. This vision will be as much about the HOW as the WHAT, Winchester sits in a global conversation: Social Distancing, Climate ChangeWe will create a vision for the city that looks at the specific and the local within global conversations.

What’s your One Great Win?

You are seventeen- where do you hang out with your mates? You are seventy, where do you hang out with your mates? How do you get around, what are the best routes in and around town? It could be a lockdown perspective, a community success, a personal challenge. Or just a practical daily insight you want to get back to a hidden path, a special time of day, a role you play the best play park for a three year old, the oldest tree, the most fantastic spot to drink a coffee. One memory, detail, artefact or idea of living here. These details tell us about the culture of Winchester, the things that are important to people and the points that need to go on the agenda.

There are lots of ways for you to get involved and share your #OneGreatWin and everyone who takes part will contribute to a bigger conversation about HOW to shape the city. HOW to move forward and HOW to implement some of the many great ideas that have already been generated locally.

Get Involved

Help us create a social map of Winchester

From play groups to drama clubs, arts organisations and creative hubs to voluntary groups please get in touch and contribute to our social map of Winchester. This activity will be a 15-30 minute interview online about your organisation or group. If you are not online this interview can be done on the telephone.

Email Us

Take part in a virtual walk around Winchester

If you are a resident of Winchester can you spare 30 minutes to take a virtual walk around your local area? You will need access to an online video call platform and Google maps to take part in this activity.

We would like to meet residents from all communities and neighbourhoods of the City.

Email Us

Take Our Poll*

Which aspect of the future of Winchester interests you the most? *You can choose more than one option at a time and you can only vote once.
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Get Social

Take the cereal box city challenge, or share your lockdown selfie, a video, a recording or simply join the conversation sharing your #OneGreatWin for the future of Winchester.

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